'Aligning Purpose Power and Possibilities'

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Download this special guide and you'll have immediate access to some of my most valuable strategies to help YOU build your own financially successful speaking business.
Catherine's intention is to help you get clear - not only on what you want to achieve, but as importantly, on the deep certainty that you can achieve it. 
Once your Purpose is clear, you discover you have the Power - more than you ever realised - and the Possibilities are endless.
What People Are Saying
“Catherine is a natural mentor – she is friendly but firm, caring whilst critical, wise and wonderful. Catherine’s advice is so perfectly tailored to the business of speaking that it is an invaluable resource for both emerging AND established speakers. She perfectly blends her insight and generosity with her experience and uses it to push speakers to their true potential.”
Yvonne Adele CSP - Ideas Culture
"Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP is one of the true legends of the speaking business. She has helped me and continues to help me to discover my own magnificence, one of the keys to success in this business. Catherine's knowledge of how to be a success is awesome as is her ability and generosity of spirit in sharing it."
Ian Berry CSP - Changing What’s Normal
"Catherine has always been a wonderful mentor to me. She’s been able to help me see clearly into what I’m aiming to achieve – drawing on her vast knowledge and expertise derived from years of experience. I would highly recommend Catherine as a speaking mentor to anyone who was looking for some insights into this exciting and sometimes daunting industry!"
Marie Farrugia - Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator - Time For You
About Catherine...
Catherine connects, delivers, and builds power tools for personal leadership in life and business.

Her expertise has kept her in demand internationally for two decades.

She is a Certified Speaking Professional,  and over the years Catherine has attended hundreds of seminars and conferences, all over the world.

 Above all, she is real. Her business experience and expertise drive a commitment to ensure you build your own success habits. She is happy to admit that she has often learned the hard way, and she speaks from Real-life, Research and a healthy dose of Renegade thinking...

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Catherine Palin-Brinkworth
'Aligning Purpose Power and Possibilities'
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